I’ve toyed with the concept of “why trail run?” type posts. But short lists weren’t really the kind of writing that I was hoping to do with this site. Every now and then though, you encounter some media that really nails one of the reasons I’m driven to get out there. This reason is pretty simple: I like being in forests and exploring mountains. Running and hiking is one way to do this, and it works pretty well through the summer.

posted by Kevin on Mar 06, 2019

So, due to cold weather and some social commitments last weekend, I bumped my usual weekend long run to Friday. I was running my usual 7km loop in Huron Natural Area, and was feeling pretty good about things. My legs were a little tired from a difficult treadmill workout the night before, and the temperature was dropping, but I was moving well. As I went out for my second lap, I noticed that I had torn a hole in the upper of the shoes that I was running in.

posted by Kevin on Jan 27, 2019

I live in Ontario and one of my big goals is to get ready for mountainous trail races. When I tell people I’m into mountain running, the typical question I get is: where do you do that when Ontario doesn’t have any mountains? The highest point in the province, Ishpatina Ridge, is 693 meters above sea level. It also happens to be about 450km away, as the crow flies, so I might as well drive to New York.

posted by Kevin on Jan 17, 2019

“Getting fit is quite simple really, run fast then run slow and repeat…. a lot.” – Matt Hughes, Olympic steeplechaser. I think one of the things that people can find confusing about runners is their tolerance for repetition. Some runners will run the same route on a weekly basis for years in a row. Other runners will run repeats on indoor and outdoor tracks. On Sunday, I did three laps of a route where I’ve probably logged hundreds of kilometers.

posted by Kevin on Jan 10, 2019

Last post I said I was going to write about my goals for 2019, but before I get into my goals, I want to talk about my goal-setting process. Fortunately for me, Canadian Running’s the Shakeout Podcast (with Kate Van Buskirk) just had a nice little episode with Sinead Mulhern interviewing sport psychologist Kim Dawson followed by runners Cam Levins, Rachel Cliff and Mohammed Ahmed talking about their goal setting process.

posted by Kevin on Jan 03, 2019