Welcome to Roots & Ridges

My name is Kevin Kuhl, and I like running. I really like running over rocks and roots, up hills and along ridges, which why I’ve chosen to name this blog Roots & Ridges. The header photo is from one of my favourite places in Ontario, the La Cloche range in Killarney Provincial Park.

I’ve created this blog to share my stories and the stories of others in Ontario’s running community. The emphasis here will be on trail and ultra running. If you follow along, you can look forward to seeing:

On a run in Ottawa.

If you’d like to get in touch, there are options available on my Contact page, or please comment on any posts that you find interesting! As far as a comments policy, imagine a coffee shop standard. Be polite and respectful, as if you were in a public space. I will moderate as needed, but I really can’t imagine things getting too heated.

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