One of the big reasons why I’m starting this blog is to give myself a space to reflect on the running process. In the past, I relied on tools like hand written logs, Strava/Movescount, or Instagram posts to provide a space for recording observations. I’m thinking of this blog as an extension of those sorts of tools. So as a second post for this blog, I’m going sum-up my experiences for 2018.

posted by Kevin on Dec 27, 2018

Welcome to Roots & Ridges! My name is Kevin, and this is a blog that’s dedicated to telling stories about running in Ontario. I ran cross-country in high school, but I didn’t really stand out, aside from having long hair that I just let bounce around. When I went to university, I kind of let running slide. Road cycling held my attention for a while, until I moved to Toronto. There I found that cycling became more hectic, and less enjoyable in heavy traffic.

posted by Kevin on Dec 20, 2018