posted by Kevin on Dec 20, 2018

Welcome to Roots & Ridges!

My name is Kevin, and this is a blog that’s dedicated to telling stories about running in Ontario.

I ran cross-country in high school, but I didn’t really stand out, aside from having long hair that I just let bounce around. When I went to university, I kind of let running slide. Road cycling held my attention for a while, until I moved to Toronto. There I found that cycling became more hectic, and less enjoyable in heavy traffic. Around the same time, my partner decided to challenge herself with a couch-to-5k program. Supporting her at races gradually led to me wanting to get back into running. I ran my first race since high school about 6 years ago: it was a smaller race and I was severely undertrained, but getting back into the sport felt right. I spent a couple of years running casually, exploring different distances, and enjoying the company of new friends.

Last year, I turned 30, and I ran my first ultra. I really enjoyed both the experience and the structured training plan. It really marked a turning point for how I approach training and racing. I also picked up and drove into the mountains of New York for my first real taste of mountain running, and I’m hooked on the idea of challenging myself on steep and difficult races. This year came with some struggles, but I was able to run a pretty successful series of 25km trail races in the OUTRACE series of trail races, finishing 2nd overall, and 2nd in the under-40 category.

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I’m interested in where I can go with trail running. But I’m also going to be completely honest, there are a lot of men that are much faster than me. I’m really about exploring the training process, and trying to maintain my excitement for the sport. I don’t really have a concrete set of plans or goals for the coming year. I want to race a variety of distances, road and trail, and really see where I can go speed-wise. Most of my ideas involve getting out of the province for more experience in mountains, an FKT attempt in Ontario, and trying to run some new personal bests on roads. Expect a post on goals soon!

Mostly posts to this blog will be my stories, but I do intend to get stories and race reports from friends. Maybe I’ll even have some short interviews with race directors and other runners. Sometimes I’ll post about gear I use, and what I like about it. Sometimes I’ll post about things that are going on in running more generally. As far as a blog schedule, my initial plan is to have a piece up weekly, with some aggregates of running news/videos and articles on a regular basis.

I’m currently based out of Waterloo, Ontario. Professionally, I’m exploring career options in writing and communications. I run pretty regularly with a local store, Runner’s Choice, or frequently in Huron Natural Area. If you see me on a group run, don’t be afraid to introduce yourself! Feel free to say hello in the comments, and let me know what sort of content you’d like to see!

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